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Interoute Solution Automation

Interoute has teamed up with PuppetLabs to take opensource IT automation to a scale and sophistication that is simply unprecedented. We have expanded and enhanced the Interoute Virtual Data Centre’s Networked Cloud Computing API, adding even more network automation.

You can build automation like the European Space Agency's massively scalable Big Data processing, creating the most resilient high availability web presence solution available anywhere. You get MORE for ZERO, as data transfer and bandwidth costs are FREE in Europe and you only pay for you what you use. Plus you can build across as many zones or as few as you like. 


Advanced Orchestration

Here’s an example of how you could use Interoute VDC to build highly available web presence across multiple sites. 

Step 1
Through the CloudStore, select which server groups you wish to deploy, and their settings.
For example, you might deploy two web servers behind a load balancer in London, two web servers behind a load balancer in Paris, and a database server in each zone.

Step 2
The CloudStore tells the Orchestrator to provision your new systems with the parameters you have set.
The Orchestrator deploys these systems in the zones you have selected.

Step 3
The Orchestrator hands the newly built systems to puppet which ensures they have the correct configuration now, and in the future.

What's next?

  • Start serving your web site or application quickly to customers in a geographically highly available setup using two or more of our VDC locations.

  • Log in to your systems to troubleshoot. They all use the same login details provided by the orchestrator.

  • Add a monitoring server to your solution, which will quickly pick up all existing systems and start monitoring them.

  • Add backups to your solution by deploying a backup server. As with the monitoring server it will quickly pick up existing systems and back up your data.

  • Don’t like the configuration? You can add and modify your own manifests to really make it your solution


Benefits of using Puppet Labs with Interoute VDC

Puppet is a popular configuration management tool with a global community of users.

Puppet provides Interoute VDC users with:

  • A central place to store a description of server configuration. That description is then used to build the server and can be trusted as accurate compared to traditional methods of documenting such configurations.
  • A feature set designed to quickly deploy such configuration to any new servers, and to receive facts including fully qualified domain names and ip addresses to allow them to be automatically added to other systems (e.g. DNS, monitoring).
  • The ability to quickly roll out configuration changes across all systems using one product. For example, if a problem is uncovered with Apache that can be fixed with a small tweak to the configuration, then this change can be applied on the Puppet Master and will be reflected in each puppet node that uses Apache as they check in.
  • Capacity to create a test, development, or staging environment that mirrors the live environment as closely as possible (excepting external IP addresses, etc), allowing for much safer and more reliable testing of proposed configuration changes. This can aid in patch testing and similar exercises.


Deploying popular web applications instantly on the Networked Cloud

To get you started we have built a “reference manifest” that you can use as is or hone to exactly how you like it.

In this one we build a multi-site PHP and Mongo based web presence platform. Using our unique but standard network automation technology we do all the networking in the background, creating a private network between all your zones for secure private intra-site replication load sharing. You also get IP addresses in each zone, directly connected to one of Europe’s largest internet backbones. No slow lane, no pesky contention, simple, direct, fast access to the BIGGEST in EUROPE.

We have more on the way and we are working with partners to develop more and more radical references to show that Network Cloud Computing is the next generation of cloud computing. If you are interested in being part of the journey please sign up here.