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Simple Cloud Solutions

Deploying cloud services just got a whole lot easier

The award winning networked cloud computing platform from Interoute lets you provision fast and resilient solutions on Europe’s largest cloud. Select your application and click deploy – it’s as simple as that.


Check out simple solutions deployed in minutes

Delivered in minutes, Interoute WordPress Instant is a dedicated blog hosted on the Interoute Virtual Data Centre cloud. You get professional scale and resiliency which  ensures your site is guaranteed to perform.
With your dedicated Interoute MediaWiki Instant, you can quickly add a range of information into Interoute Virtual Data Centre where it can be easily reviewed, edited, and accessed. This software is highly customisable, with more than 700 configuration settings and more than 1,800 extensions, giving you the ability to completely control your wiki server.
Interoute Drupal Instant allows users to create sleek and stylish web applications on one of the world’s leading content management systems (CMS). Easily deploy your Drupal server in any of our five European Interoute Virtual Data Centre zones and get started building your blog, company website, and everything in between.
With the Interoute Joomla Instant users can deploy one of the most widely used CMS systems in the world on the Interoute Virtual Data Centre cloud service. The Joomla Instant allows you to quickly generate and edit a site to meet a variety of needs, whether you want to build an online presence or create an e-commerce site.
Magento gives users an easy way to build their online commercial presence in the cloud. Interoute Magento Instant lets users deploy a professionally focused online shop in just a few clicks. Hosted on the Interoute Virtual Data Centre, the Magento Instant allows you to run your online store on the world’s first networked cloud.
Moodle is popular with educators all over the world and helps deliver dynamic virtual learning environments (VLE) to schools, organisations and universities of all sizes. Hosting your Moodle VLE on Interoute Virtual Data Centre gives you the flexibility and control to build your educational servers across the Interoute network. This gives you the scale to cater to a global online audience,or simply create redundant servers across our 5 European zones.
Simple Machine Forum
Interoute Simple Machine Forum (SMF) Instant puts you in control of your online community with custom template design and the Server Side Includes function, which allows your forum to interact directly with your website. Integrate a stylish and sophisticated forum into your website with SMF’s customisable designs and host it all on Europe’s largest cloud platform, Interoute Virtual Data Centre.
Gallery is an intuitive photo, video, and audio sharing web application solution featuring automatic thumbnails and basic manipulation. The design is based on feedback by its large community of users, and users have the ability to restrict or allow access to albums as desired. The Gallery Instant hosted on Interoute Virtual Data Centre gives you the control you need when displaying you photos online via the cloud.