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Managed Storage & Backup

Managed Storage & Backup

Interoute delivers Managed Storage and Backup services from our enterprise-class Data Centres which adhere to strict security standards and certifications for ISO 27001, SAS 70 and PCI DSS. These services are managed 24/7 by our team of experts so our clients can feel confident that the data required for their core business applications is in safe hands.


Backup & Recovery

Interoute delivers a range of enterprise-class back-up and recovery solutions, enabling businesses to securely store all critical data as our team of experts take care of the implementation and day-to-day management of the back-up system.

Whilst most back-up systems are only recoverable for flat file data, Interoute’s approach is to provide fully recoverable and consistent back-up for both flat files and open file back-ups which are commonly used within application databases. A periodic back-up schedule is provided as standard for backing up data on Interoute’s Managed Servers including weekly full and daily incremental backups.

In addition, Interoute can provide an off-site data backup solution to a secondary facility which is secure, reliable and cost-effective. This solution assists organisations with their business continuity strategy in the event of a potential disaster at the primary site and fulfils strict regulatory requirements which are essential in most industries.


Dedicated Storage

Utilising industry leading vendor technologies, Interoute can provide flexible Dedicated NAS and SAN solutions for demanding requirements, where customised platforms can be deployed to meet specific regulatory compliance and performance needs.


Managed Storage

Interoute provides a choice of both ‘Shared’ and ‘Dedicated’ Managed Storage platforms  that offers a wide range of storage tiers to suit various performance, capacity and budget requirements  -  from ultra high performance SSD to cost effective SATA storage technologies.

In addition, Interoute can offer the following advanced features across our storage options for increased reliability and storage efficiency:

  • Data Snapshots- Provides instant ‘point in time’ back-up copies within seconds that consume minimal storage space and can be recovered during different parts of the day, including every hour.
  • Data Replication- Data can be replicated over the Interoute network to a secondary Interoute storage array in another data centre within Europe. This capability enables services to be available in a secondary data centre in the event of a major problem at the primary site.
  • Test & Development Clones- Create instant and space efficient clones of production data for test and development purposes, without compromising the performance of the production data.
  • Data De-duplication- Removes duplicate copies of data which lowers disk space and bandwidth costs associated with storage and transferring data over the network.