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Public, Private & Hybrid Cloud

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Interoute's Virtual Data Centre (VDC) delivers public cloud, connected privately

VDC is global, scalable cloud computing with an integrated private network. Get all the great benefits of cloud computing – agile infrastructure in an instant, powered by data centres on a global private network.

To find out what Gartner has to say about Interoute VDC, read their 2017 report: Critical Capabilities for Public Cloud IaaS, Worlwide


Full IAAS automation

Click to add zones & network to build your networked cloud. Place your applications & data exactly where you need them.

High quality network

An ultra-low latency cloud with high throughput for high performance applications. Over 300 direct connect locations with private & public access.

Private & Hybrid by default

Public cloud flexibility with private cloud confidence. Hybrid integration with legacy IT, data centres & other clouds.

Data sovereignty

One of the only providers to host your data outside of the US meaning you’re not subjected to the same intrusive regulations.

Free data transfer

Free data transfer between zones – normally charged for by other public cloud providers adds significant costs

Award winning

Recognised by the leading industry analysts and winning numerous awards – a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant year-on-year.

Why Interoute?

Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) is a global, privately networked cloud platform. With 70,000 km of private fibre network, 17 virtual Data Centre zones across Europe, the USA and Asia.

Unique among other public cloud providers, we provide free data transfer between zones. Full IaaS automation means you simply click to add zones and network.  

You can place your applications and data exactly where you need them – a truly networked cloud.

Public cloud flexibility. With private cloud confidence.

An ultra-low latency cloud. With high throughput for high performance applications.

Truly global. Over 300 direct connect locations with private & public access.

Hybrid by design. Integrates with legacy IT, Data Centres & other clouds.

Peace of mind. European data residency compliant.

Bi-modal. Providing operational stability alongside cloud flexibility.

Interoute’s networked cloud is the infrastructure platform for 98% of all the IT services that UEFA provides... Interoute understands our events process and has an agile model to fit with the needs of the ICT systems we use...


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What is Interoute VDC?
VDC stands for Virtual Data Centre and is our scalable, fully automated compute platform. A public cloud service, VDC provides on demand computing, storage & applications integrated into the heart of your IT infrastructure. 

Interoute VDC is the virtual equivalent of a real physical data centre. It gives you the same control and resource as having your own data centre but without the cost of buying equipment, power, colocation, network and manpower.  Within your Virtual Data Centre you can choose to build your server, switching and storing it in exactly the same way as you would in the physical world. You can specify RAM, CPU and storage to create any configuration you want, as often as you like. This allows you to add new applications and services very quickly.

How can VDC provide Public & Private cloud options at the same time?
Interoute VDC is unique – it’s the first cloud computing solution that can be deployed with the simplicity and convenience of the public cloud, combined with the security and confidence that a private cloud brings.

Interoute Virtual Data Centre combines computing virtualisation in the cloud with network virtualisation in the ground. VDC delivers virtual IT infrastructure as a fully automated online service and connects across Europe using Interoute’s virtualised MPLS fibre optic network.

What storage options does VDC offer?
Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) provides a flexible storage infrastructure that allows you to precisely deploy the storage required for your IT infrastructure avoiding the costs of unused disk space.

Each virtual machine (VM) has a dedicated system disk (external block storage volume), sized initially to contain the Operating System and common server applications. System disks can be resized later according to changed requirements.

Independent EBS ​(external block storage) datadisk volumes for applications and users' data can be created, attached and detached from VMs. The size of a volume is defined at the time of creation, but can be changed later. You can attach multiple volumes to a single virtual machine. As with any block storage device, users can format an attached volume for use with their preferred operating system and file system variant, or use the EBS device raw.

EBS volumes can be created based on magnetic disk physical drives, or SSD solid state drives. The price per gigabyte is the same for both types.

Once attached and the virtual machine powered on, application data can then be written to an EBS volume. When the machine is un-deployed, the data will persist on the volume and may be attached to an alternative machine.

What protection is available for storage on Interoute VDC?
Interoute Virtual Data Centre offers three EBS protection tiers to meet the data protection and data recovery requirements of the customer. All backup data storage is inclusive to the per-gigabyte pricing of each tier.

EBS Storage (magnetic or SSD)
This tier provides the standard resiliency built into the storage platform in a single VDC zone. All EBS volumes are provisioned in an HA enterprise class environment using a RAID configuration to ensure continuous operation.

Protected EBS Storage (magnetic or SSD)
This tier provides customers with an automated local (in the same VDC zone) snapshot of the complete data volume, every 4 hours.  Snapshots are stored for a maximum of 28 days.

Mirrored EBS Storage (magnetic)
This tier provides customers with both an automatic local data snapshot, and a remote snapshot in a geographically-separate VDC zone. The dual snapshots are taken every 4 hours, and stored for a maximum of 28 days.

What network options are available with VDC?
Interoute's VDC platform is built into the core of our network.  As a result, this provides you with the ultimate flexibility, performance and security for your solution. The platform is private by default, and your servers do not need to use the internet to communicate.

Unlike other cloud providers, we do not use an imitation “private” environment using a simple tunnel over the insecure, non-guaranteed internet.  With VDC, your server environment is completely private, giving you the ability to decide what is able to connect to the public Internet.

Additionally, we do not charge for data transfer between our zones and the internet, subject to our generous fair use policy. Therefore you have no hidden or unknown network charges to worry about.

What are the key benefits of Interoute VDC over other providers?
Not only does Interoute VDC come with its own free global connectivity it also seamlessly integrates with your existing environments with free inter-connects.

Complete digital Integration: by integrating your existing network with VDC your cloud is now immediately private by default.

Public/Private/Hybrid: all now possible with one single integrated platform.

Totally secure: no need for any services to touch the internet that don’t require it.

Guaranteed performance: uncontended network from VDC to your network.

Provider flexibility: move from or integrate with any IaaS, Cloud or network vendor with ease.

No hidden charges: we don’t charge for any network or IOPS.

What security options are available with Interoute VDC?
In addition to the network security, Interoute offers a complete security solution through a multi-layered defence-in-depth approach – from edge and network protections of Firewall, Remote Access VPN and IPS, to control of applications, web content filtering and email protection.

These solutions work together to enforce a security policy and provide alerting and reporting to ensure that potential and real attempts to breach your network can be prevented. Full visibility of all security solutions is provided to give both real time and historical data.

What firewall services are available with VDC?
Interoute offers a number of firewall services from a standard VDC firewall provided free of charge or Next Generation Firewall Services using various technologies and delivering dual stack IPv4/IPv6 protection.

Both Physical and Virtual Firewall are able to support topologies in hosting and IPVPN deployments including regional Internet breakout using the Virtual Data Centre.

Do you offer load balancing services?
Interoute offers a number of traffic management services from a standard Load Balancer provided free of charge or Load Balancing Services from best of breed F5 technology. This service delivers dual stack IPv4/IPv6 application load balancing for standard web applications and supported templates (such as VMware View, Outlook Anywhere).

Both Physical and Virtual F5 can be used to support hosting of applications. Applications should be audited to ensure that the solution can be fully templated to ensure fully supported delivery and reporting capabilities. Non-templated and non-web based applications will require professional services engagement.

What other security services does VDC offer?

DDoS Mitigation – network based mitigation of DDoS attacks no matter where you are on Interoute’s network

Network Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) – a managed service that offers packet inspection and malware blocking to protect our customers

Content Filtering – the capability to manage and control the most persistent vectors of attack by filtering both email and web content

Managed 2Factor Authentication – supporting 2FA as either a complement for Roaming Access via IPsec or SSL as well as a standalone service

Security Consultancy – provided by key selected partners, each partner has been evaluated on the basis of their skills and capabilities in supporting Interoute customers.

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