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A global platform for a first-class user experience.

ShoreTel provides businesses worldwide with communications solutions that make interactions with customers and colleagues ‘brilliantly simple’. An industry pioneer ShoreTel was one of the first established Unified Communications and Contact Centre providers to deliver cloud-based communications services. The Interoute Enterprise Digital Platform allows ShoreTel to deliver the same market leading services to its extensive global customer base,

wherever they’re located on whichever device they choose. ShoreTel favours Interoute as its delivery partner due to the resilient nature of its networked cloud. This supports consistent user experiences for the global customer base using the ShoreTel Connect® product range, which includes onsite, cloud and hybrid variants of communications services.


Delivering seamless services.

Keith Bartlett – EMEA Channel Director, ShoreTel

Today’s workers communicate with friends and family across a wide range of different digital platforms in their day-to-day lives. ShoreTel Connect® Unified Communications respond to these evolving needs in a work environment by making it easy to quickly find new and existing contacts, check availability and connect with one or many other users via phone, video call, instant message and desktop sharing. All without having to open a separate window or log into a different application. The Interoute Enterprise Digital Platform helps ensure that every user has the same seamless experience helping them to increase productivity and drive innovation.


Rapid and scalable Unified Communications across geographies.

Gary Gould – EMEA Marketing Director, ShoreTel

Network conditions can vary considerably depending on location presenting a challenge when providing Unified Communications solutions to organisations with multiple offices around the world. Whether a customer grows organically or through quick-fire mergers and acquisitions, ShoreTel’s partnership with Interoute means that it can immediately leverage Interoute’s global footprint to meet demands.

Virtual Data Centre (VDC) zones are embedded in Interoute’s global network; with cloud infrastructure located in cities across Europe, the USA and Asia, data processing can be done local to users. This helps deliver low latency performance, and enables ShoreTel to guarantee where its customer data resides. 

Cloud confidence.

Spencer Bradshaw – Head of Service Design, ShoreTel

Unified Communications infrastructure is moving from physical telephone exchanges in server cabinets to cloud based delivery and infrastructure platforms. Historically, ShoreTel has had to address international customers by using different network providers which, in a cloud environment, can be challenging from a perceived reliability perspective. Using the Interoute Enterprise Digital Platform, ShoreTel is able to offer international customers with multiple sites resilient connectivity, low latency and end-to-end SLAs.


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