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Traffic accidents kill more children aged 5 to 14 than malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV combined. In Malawi alone the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that road traffic accidents kill over 4,800 people every year. During a trip to Malawi in 2012 Richard Ahlström was so shocked by the danger he witnessed on the poorly lit roads, that he decided to do something about it when he returned home to Sweden. In June 2013 he founded Kids Non-Profit Organization (KNPO) with a mission to reduce traffic related deaths and injuries to children in developing countries.

The idea behind the organisation is brilliantly simple. Tapping into children’s natural desire to create, KNPO distributes colourful reflective beads that can be made into bracelets, headbands and bag decorations. At night, the beads reflect the beams from a car’s headlights making the children visible from five times the distance. KNPO also teaches road safety while the children play. It’s a practical and effective low-cost road safety programme that aims to help save thousands of lives.


Collaboration across continents

Richard Ahlström, Chairman of the Board and Founder of KNPO

Collaborating from his headquarters in Stockholm and San Francisco with team members and volunteers in developing countries and production partners in China is a challenge for Richard Ahlström, Chairman of the Board and Founder of KNPO. Especially when every cent counts in the mission to save lives.
With local direct dial numbers, accessibility on any device, WebRTC and unlimited video and audio conference bridges, Interoute One Bridge makes collaboration easy and affordable. KNPO volunteers and production partners use Interoute One Bridge every day.


Richard Ahlström, Chairman of the Board and Founder of KNPO

Transparency is at the heart of KNPO’s founding principles. Interoute One Bridge allows this not-for-profit organisation to monitor and report usage through a management and analytics portal, which means it can keep tabs on costs closely.


Collaboration enables better productivity and innovation.

Richard Ahlström, Chairman of the Board and Founder of KNPO

Richard Ahlström, spends hours every day using Interoute One Bridge with his partners around the world. The beads are designed in Stockholm, produced in Shenzhen and assembled in Beijing. They use biodegradable plastic from Taiwan which are coated with a reflective material from Minnesota.
Having a collaboration tool at his fingertips has helped him to create a new kind of bead that is biodegradable as well as digestible, ensuring that as the Bead Initiative continues to grow, it also treads lightly on the planet.