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Complex technology solution provider sees service reliability increase by 20% with Interoute.

HWG is a technology consultancy and operator. Headquartered in Italy, it analyses, designs, builds and manages IT systems for governments, finance institutions and corporate divisions of multinational companies. Its customers trust HWG to deliver very complex and reliable technology solutions, operating in real time, with high levels of performance and minimal disruption.

HWG undertook a review of its service delivery platform as its customer base began to grow and diversify. It quickly became clear that its existing data centre facility located close to its head office in Verona, Italy, would not be suitable for future demands.


Complex, cost effective, customer centric solutions

Enrico Orlandi, CEO of HWG

HWG's customers required higher levels of availability, scalability and redundancy across an increasingly global landscape. Having selected Interoute’s networked cloud computing platform, HWG is able to build complex, secure and customer centric solutions across multiple geographies faster and more cost efficiently than ever before.


Data compliance across multiple locations

Interoute VDC has multiple locations across the globe, enabling HWG’s customers to remain compliant with local data laws as they move to the cloud. One HWG client in the finance sector has its main site in Milan and uses the PCI compliant Interoute VDC zone in Amsterdam for disaster recovery. HWG is able to monitor and manage the entire solution from one interface, offering the customer a highly resilient and redundant solution. 


Fast and secure 100 Gb/s MPLS network

Built into the fabric of our 100 Gb/s MPLS network, our platform is both fast and highly secure. The network core is automated to create an API which allows Interoute VDC to call on network resources in real time. This means an entire Interoute VDC solution, from the networking in the ground to the provisioning of appliances and applications in the cloud, can be controlled from within the simple user interface.


Virtual Data Centre zones across Europe, US and Asia

Enrico Orlandi, CEO of HWG

HWG provides complex distributed architectures, including disaster recovery and backup solutions across multiple regions and at super-fast speeds. It is also able to decide whether access to a cloud solution built on Interoute VDC is public or private. This means the solutions HWG in turn offers to its customers can be delivered as either public, private or hybrid cloud solutions as their business needs dictate.


IT performance improved by 20%

Enrico Orlandi, CEO of HWG


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