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Securely connected cloud platform provides flexibility on a global scale.

BQ is a leading European technology company that designs, manufactures and sells tablets, e-readers, smartphones, 3D printers and 3D scanners. Its products are sold in over 50 countries around the world. BQ’s most recent technology developments have included an educational robot and a new product range targeted at the fast growing Internet of Things market. Founded in 2009, the company has experienced rapid growth. In 2010 BQ had 16 employees, today with operations in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and China it has over 1,300.

BQ is a dynamic organisation committed not only to developing today’s best products but also to inspiring the next generation to develop the technology products of the future. To support its rapid growth and ambitious plans, BQ selected Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) to support rapid expansion with a global infrastructure platform. A scalable cloud solution able to meet existing challenges and tomorrow’s aspirations.

"The infras​tructure of Interoute allows us to grow as fast as we want with no limitations.” Rodrigo del Prado, Founder, BQ.


A market leading platform underpinning best in class customer support.

Rodrigo del Prado, Founder, BQ

Interoute VDC provides BQ with a private cloud platform delivering high availability and the ability to quickly scale and expand whenever needed. With a reputation built on excellent customer care, BQ’s customer call centre fields up to 8,000 calls each day. Each call is critical. Prior to working with Interoute it had been using a hardware based voice solution that was dropping calls and unable to scale with the business. It was time to move to the cloud. Today, Interoute VDC forms the backbone of BQ’s infrastructure providing a secure, scalable global platform. The advanced cloud based voice solution enables BQ to provide best in class customer service along with internal communications across its operations around the world.


Simple integration. Rapid deployment.

Rodrigo del Prado, Founder, BQ

Having identified an urgent need to scale up its customer contact centre voice solution to cope with call demand, BQ contacted Interoute shortly before its busiest period of the year. The local Interoute team responded quickly, proposing a solution that could meet BQ’s immediate requirements while also having the flexibility to scale with its ambitious, future plans. Like BQ, Interoute is committed to delivering great customer service and by working closely with its engineering team the migration to the cloud was seamless and without disruption. Not a single call was lost. The solution enables BQ to quickly expand globally based on Interoute’s proven infrastructure platform across Europe, USA and Hong Kong.


A passion for innovation and education.

Rodrigo del Prado, Founder, BQ

BQ believes that technology opens doors and creates new possibilities. It is committed to inspiring and supporting future generations of technology developers. BQ developed the Zowi robot, an educational toy designed to teach children about software, hardware and design as they play. As part of this programme it has also trained more than 700 teachers in the Madrid area.


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