Case Study: Asset Handling

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Secure, scalable cloud solution supports global growth.

Asset Handling helps its customers make informed decisions based on intelligent data. Its asset management products and services collect data gathered by customer-side sensors and other input mechanisms to help identify risk, prevent breakdowns and reduce unplanned downtime using real-time data. The company also provides consolidated, meaningful information to support predictive, real-time project management.

Asset Handling’s sophisticated systems are always learning which means they are able to produce increasingly detailed reports and system diagnostics based on vast amounts of current and historical data. Interoute provides Asset Handling with the reliable, scalable infrastructure that it depends on to manage hundreds of thousands of data reports each day.


Real-time data shaping long term strategy.

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

Via a customised dashboard, Asset Handling provides its customers with real-time access to critical asset information such as vibration, temperature and acoustics. Using Interoute’s cloud based service, its customers can access this real-time information wherever they are. The company’s delivery model requires a fully integrated environment able to meet both its availability and agility needs. Asset Handling relies on Interoute’s managed cloud services to run its relational database SQL platforms for storing customer data. It also uses Interoute Virtual Data Centre as an agile, scalable IaaS service for hosting HADOOP to perform the real-time big data analysis of the vast system data and logs. Asset Handling’s management overlay system uses the output of this analysis to help customers with long term cost reductions, increased operational efficiency and visibility, as well as for meeting key data requirements for any applicable industry regulators.


Advancing predictive analytics for customers using secure data.

As a pioneer in its field it is almost inevitable that Asset Handling has customers that compete with one another. Metadata from competing companies can help improve system and fault diagnoses for all customers if made accessible, however the security of this data is paramount. Working on the Interoute cloud platform, Asset Handling is able to draw on valuable data for analysis from multiple customers without compromising security. When necessary, it can also guarantee that its data remains in the UK, a must for many of its current customers.


Building the IoT future in the cloud.

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

As its business and market evolves, Asset Handling continues to invest in its product roadmap. Like many industries, recent developments have included the addition of IoT functionality. Using Interoute VDC, Asset Handling is able to share valuable information and data via the cloud with service engineers before they arrive on site. Accessed from any connected device, the information can include possible diagnoses insight based on historical data to help speed up resolution and to ensure that they have the right replacement parts to reduce multiple trips. In the future this functionality may also be used to provide enhanced service information to consumers. 


Customer confidence in a trusted partnership.

Stephen Harrison, Director, Asset Handling

Asset Handling is growing fast. Its strong UK customer base includes many major water and utilities companies, for these organisations it is crucial that their data remains hosted in the UK at all times. Asset Handling’s products and services are also increasingly attracting international interest. As the organisation expands to extend its reach it is important that its network and compute infrastructure can scale to support SaaS opportunities on a global scale. Interoute not only delivers a market leading networked cloud platform but also a partnership and an SLA that instils confidence and credibility in Assets Handling’s own solutions.


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